Here we will feature links to different sites which we found useful on the web.

New Songs – A site that’s focused on featuring new songs locally and from around the world, the site has been developed for music fans and artists that are interested in the latest music.

Makeup Brushes – A South African website that’s geared towards makeup brushes. Find out about all types of brushes which are used for make up.  The site also has information about different makeup artists and kits.

Earbuds South Africa – Whether you use ear buds while on the go, or at home, this website is focused on earphones for everyone, make sure to check them out when you want to find out more about wireless and traditional headphones.

Caravan Hire SA – A website that’s dedicated to the caravan rental industry. Whether you want to hire a caravan or rent out your own make sure to check out this site.

Wifi Deals – Wireless internet is something that many households will want to install as more people get online. This website features wifi deals from around the country, so make sure to check them out if you are thinking of installing wireless internet in your home or office.

Minibus Hire – A site that’s focused on minibus rentals in South Africa. So if you want to rent a minibus or hire out your own then this website might be useful.

Apprenticeships – A South African website that’s been created to help those seeking apprenticeships as well as companies who want to train new people in their field of operation.

Oil Rig Jobs – For some people working on an oil rig might not sound like a job they would easily do, however there are some people who would really enjoy working such a job. We have created this website so that those who seek to work on oil rigs can get more information for such work.

Anniversary Gifts – A site that’s dedicated to helping when it comes to Anniversary Gifts. Get some gift ideas for both men and women.

Nursing Colleges – A website that’s been created to give information about nursing schools across South Africa. Find out more about a nursing college near you.

Bus Bookings – This website has been created to help people seeking more information related to bus travel. Learn more about bus tickets and bookings.