Medical Aid Brokers

The most obvious way in which people sign up for medical aid is usually to go directly to a company they have seen on an advert or heard about from friends or family. It’s logical to assume that medical aid providers will give the best price when going directly to them. People will also generally assume that by avoiding a broker they might be saving costs and to an extent this might be true, however a broker can offer some advantages too.

A broker might be able to offer better assistance in a situation that is difficult to explain to the coverage provider and this is why some people don’t mind getting a broker even if there is commission involved.

Many medical aid providers will have agreements in place with brokers which can actually be seen as salespeople for the provider and they will usually be able to answer any questions a potential customer might have before signing up. Another advantage of going through a broker is that they will sometimes be able to explain the terminology on the application form that a potential client might not be able to understand initially.

Medical Aid Comparison